Tuscan flavours in respect of the environment and traditions

The farm was started in the 1960's by the initiative of Sabatino Del Pasqua. In the years since then, Sabatino's son, Emanuele, following in his father's footsteps has dedicated his own life's work to the family farm. He has made a decided effort to diversify and raise the quality of the company's products.

Through these efforts, the Del Pasqua Farm has discovered new paths which have lead to the appreciation of its products both at the local and international levels. For some years now, the farm has exported its products to the United States: the extra virgin olive oil "IL MAGNIFICO" is finding more approval every day on the market.

  • The olive groves extend over 4 hectares, divided between the typical cultivars of our areas, leccino, frantoiane and moraiole.

    While respecting the traditional cultivations, new olive trees have also been planted according to modern and innovative techniques, in order to be able to use machinery for certain stages of processing.

    The state of health of the plants is monitored by the work of the agronomist who also assesses the state of ripeness of the olives. Harvesting usually begins in mid-October.


tradition and innovation



    Each stage of our production chain is carried out without never neglecting the importance of respect for the environment.


    Our certified Tuscan IGP olive oil and our Italian organic oil are a guarantee of quality and compliance with current control standards.


    A watchful eye towards the future and innovation, without ever losing the values and flavors of the true Tuscan and Italian tradition.

Synonymous with TUSCAN excellence

The certification of our tuscan IGP olive oil is synonymous​ with a strong relationship with the territory.

The whole production chain takes place rigorously in Tuscany, from the cultivation of olive trees to the collection of olives and final packaging.

The Italian organic extra virgin olive oil is produced from organic farming olives.

The whole process, from collection to packaging is subject to a severe control system to guarantee the final customer a certified and controlled product.